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Threaded is a very simple #Mastodon client, that is meant to look like the newest social media #Threads made by Meta Platforms. It integrates perfectly with your Mastodon account, and matches the Threads vibe, while having Mastodon-only features.

Threaded's logo is a symbol of a thread itself with the wavy bar over the T's pole. It's also used in loading screens with the T's wavy bar wiggling.

Threaded is free, made in SwiftUI, #OpenSource, and doesn't violate #YourPrivacy. Follow the #ThreadedAccount on Mastodon, for progress, updates, polls, and more...

Threaded will also includes its own premium service, available as a subscription and lifetime payment, called Threaded+ (or Plus for short). Plus only adds additional features to Threaded, you don't need a subscription to like, post, bookmark, or use any primary Mastodon feature.

With Threaded+, you can have a better Content Filter, you can save attachments, you get exclusive sneak peeks to Threaded's next updates, and other premium features! Plus starts at $1.99 per month, for an annual subscription: Plus costs $19.99 per year, with the same amount of feature. If you can't afford a subscription, you can always buy Threaded+ for a lifetime, for only $29.99.
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Matrix is a decentralised and safe messaging platform, receive help about the app or Plus

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Share your Threaded experience on Lemmy, a link aggregator and forum for the fediverse.

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